Design & Art Direction

Neue Black


How do you simultaneously pay homage to England's historic Ashridge House as well as the airline industry's most successful and forward-thinking visionaries?

Branding, promotional and custom typeface design for EF Travel's 2016 Educational Summit at the Ashridge House in Hertfordshire, England.



Pulling at the threads of Ashridge House's heritage and mirroring the forward-thinking ethos of the airlines and travel gurus in attendance; Neue Black was created out of desire for a modern approach to an age-old typographic practice: blackletter.


A nostalgic pattern spanning Ashridge ephemera and aviation history, combined with Neue Black, came together as signage around the event which represented the meeting places of each airline in attendance. Posters were designed—accented with a bold hit of gradient, nodding to each brand's own colors—and gifted to the airline ambassadors at the end of the Summit.