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The Future of Education

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The Future of Education

In the summer of 2015, EF Educational Tours helped hundreds of students on varying international tours convene at the Global Student Leadership Summit in Davos, Switzerland. Where for three days they were asked to challenge the state of academia and prototype innovative solutions to The Future of Education.



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The Mark

Innovation and the Future of Education; It's a lofty title and when posed as a challenge, rather unapproachable. Traveling students and their teachers at the Summit were asked to question their education systems and envision a brighter future for younger generations and themselves.

Branding for the 3-day event aimed to capture the collision point between academia's past and the present. As well as empathize with the rudimentary construction that the traveler's would practice—using whatever tools were closest and available—to prototype their visions.


Keynote Speaker Artwork

World-renowned speakers and topic experts lead discussions and workshops to inspire and educate students. Just as students at the Summit were asked to prototype their ideas using only basic classroom materials, our own rudimentary vignettes were designed to match the ethos of the speakers they'd accompany.